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Welcome to the Teddy Ruxpin fan page. To the left are some fan and collector web sites that have asked to be listed here. Please bear with me as this page is very stale some with dead links.

Ever since the toy and later the animated series came out Teddy Ruxpin has garnered a pretty loyal following. Many credit the stories with giving them the interest in epic fantasy and fiction adventure literature. There is also a large fondness for a good number of the characters. Undoubtedly there has to even be a Quellor fan out there somewhere. Teddy Ruxpin himself as you might imagine tends to get the good portion of the fans. It's not surprising really that a kind, just and fair character is the most popular, especially in a world that is getting less and less kind, just and fair every day. His appeal also doesn't just stay with children. There are a number of fans that are in their 40's and 30's. These fans enjoy the show and toy on a different level then the younger fans. The animated program has more than a few ironic ties to real life, specifically M.A.V.O. with it's rigid, acerbic and hierarchy dependent society of evil creatures. It copies all too well to most work environments to be a fluke, as I'm sure the writers were doing that deliberately. Over the run of this FAQ I've asked more than a few fans about the show, how they feel about it, etc. A somewhat common thread is a wish that they could actually meet Teddy in real life. Clearly the toy and animated show have touched a bit more in people than one might expect, and it's a tribute to the story that it does appeal to so many of different ages and experiences.

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The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin
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