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About this FAQ
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This FAQ was created with information from various sources.
I'd like to thank,
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Mike Rounds, 
Robert Skegg, 
Jon 'Andrue' Shackelford,
Bill 'Beeg' Rollins
Clay 'Dr. Clay Bearwell' Pimentel,
Maria Love,
Rita McConnell,
Kim Watts,
Conan Doyle,
Brian Lemay, 
Robert S. Anselmo
Charlie Durham
The Late Anthony Ray Lindgren via Phoenix Niesley Lindgren
And many others!
Without the help of these people this FAQ would be far smaller and a great deal less informative.
The TEDDY RUXPIN FAQ contains bits and pieces that I have either been told about by friends, have gathered through research with people via the web, or have found through my own experience. All artwork is done by me with minimal use of existing material. I try my best to make the FAQ as factually accurate as possible. However, since most information on TEDDY RUXPIN tends to be third or fourth person it makes it terribly hard to fully authenticate some portions.
As always, remember that I am ONLY a fan. Don't send me emails asking about the people or companies who made Teddy Ruxpin. Odds are if you don't find it in the FAQ, I don't know the information.
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    • JASC Paint Shop Pro 4 (Win)
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    • Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 (Mac OSX)
    • Pixelmator 1.1.3 (Mac OSX)
    • Graphic Converter (Mac OS9, OSX)
    • GIMP (Mac OSX)
    • JASC Animation Shop 1 (Win)
    • Flying Fonts Pro (Win)
    • Carrara 3D Express (OSX)
    • Jpeg Optimizer 2.0 (Win)
    • WACOM tablet
    • MSWorks 4 (Win)
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    • All versions of Teddy Ruxpin.
    • JVC GY-X2bU 3 CCD camera.
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    • Canopus ADVC-100 analog to digital converter.
    • Fujifilm MX-700 Digital Camera.
    • Canon PowerShot G2 Digital Camera.
    • MS Internet Explorer 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1 (Mac OS9, OSX)(Win)
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    • Ray Dream Studio 5 (Mac OS9)(Win)
    • PC MacLan 6.2 (Win)
    • Virtual PC 4 (OS9)
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    • Virtual PC 6 (OSX)
    • Parallels (OSX)
    • QUEMU (OSX)
    • ACER 60Mhz Pentium with 3 gigs of IDE storage 64 megs of ram running Win98.
    • Knock-off 200mhz MMX Pentium with 7.7 gigs of SCSI storage, 128megs of RAM running Win95 SR2.
    • UMAX 300mhz G3 (Upgraded 9500) with 12.6 gigs of SCSI2 storage and 416 megs of RAM running a Hacked Mac OSX Panther.
    • Apple 400mhz G3 (Upgraded 8100) NUBUS 13 gigs of SCSI storage and 120 megs of RAM running Mac 9.1
    • Apple Blue and White G3/450 with 130 gigs of IDE and SCSI storage, 896 megs of RAM running OSX Panther.
    • Apple Wallstreet Powerbook G3/300 with 20 gigs of IDE storage, 512 megs of RAM running hacked Mac OSX Tiger.
    • Apple TiBook G4/867 with 40 gigs of IDE storage, 512 megs of RAM running Mac OSX Tiger.
    • Apple Quicksilver G4/867 with 200 gigs of IDE storage, 1.5 gigs of RAM running OSX Panther.
    • Apple MDD dual 1.42 GHz with 250 gigs of IDE storage, 2 gigs of RAM running OSX Tiger.
    • Apple Dual 2.7Ghz G5 with 500 gigs of SATA storage, 4 gigs of RAM running OSX Tiger.
    • Apple Macbook Pro Core Duo with 120 gigs of IDE storage, 2 gigs of RAM running Mac OSX Leopard
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    • HP scanjet 7400c flatbed scanner.
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    • Vuescan.
    • One Cornish Rex female housecat (Black).

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