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The Country Bear Jamboree!
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Bubbles, Bunnie and Beulah.
    Designed by Marc Davis, a Disney Imagineer, The Country Bear Jamboree debuted in 1972 at Walt Disney World. His drawings and designs were intended originally for a ski resort that Disney planned to build in the 60s called Mineral King. When that attraction bogged down, the County Bear Jamboree was transferred to the developing Disney World in Florida. For years it was one of the most popular attractions at the park. It's a stage show with various animatronic bears performing on large multiple tier stage, set in a period of lets say the last quarter of the 1800's. My favourates are the ones shown on this page, and especially the three sisters wearing huge sun-bonnets. Their small size seems to allow a good range of movement which makes the animation seem all that more realistic. Two shows have been added to the roster since 72'. One in November 1984: 'The Country Bear Christmas Show' and an update for the original show in February 1986: 'The Country Bear Vacation Hoe-down' My only complaint? They REALLY need to upgrade the audio system. Unfortunately the California version has been dismantled. However, it seems the remaining ones (FLA and Tokyo) are getting some needed upgrading and continue to be very polular.
Oscar (left) Henry (centre) Teddi Barra (right)

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