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Character and Product History
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History on TEDDY RUXPIN*
Many thanks to Robert S. Anselmo for clarification!

    In 1963. Robert S. Anselmo suggested to Ken Forsse that he would like to create a children's story. He was aware of the drawing talent of Ken Forsee and of his previous attempt at creating a puppet show. Ken brought in a writer by the name of Bud Bankson who is the person that created a story called "The Adventures of Simian Greep." One of the minor characters in this original story is a "spungid" named Teddy Ruxpin. Bud Bankson's interest in the story was purchased by Ken and Robert in 1965.

    By 1978, they had formed a company called 'Brown Squirrel Productions'. Named because a brown squirrel had run across the backyard of where they were meeting in Granada Hills, California and the topic at the moment was the name the venture.

    Ken had suggested that the title be renamed from 'The Adventures of Simian Greep' to 'The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin' since the word 'Greep' was too similar to the word 'Geek'.

    The races of Grundo* evolved from a cross-breeding of the 'Southern Bear' with the Northern Rux' (what a rux is isn't explained.) Species began to diverge depending on habitat and climate. For instance, the Allies of the north have fur to keep them warm, but the illipers* live further south where it is warmer and lost their fur. If you look at the pictures of the different species you will see a similarity in the head shape from the common ancestry.

    One day deep in the far past a meteor crashed into the land of Ying. As the core cooled it emitted strange waves which caused species to mutate faster, strengthening whatever traits they had. Mostly the nice got nicer and the nastier got nastier. Eventually the illiops* developed as a nice race living in the Hard To Find City*, and the Gutangs* developed into a nasty race living in Ying.

    The illiops* defended the south by building a huge wall to keep out the Gutangs*, but eventually the Gutangs* invented airplanes and bombs and attacked the Hard To Find City. The illiops* had to flee, and most settled in Rillonia*, though it was later found some went north. Having captured the Hard To Find City* the Gutangs* found they had no other armies to fight, so settled down some. The illiops* left behind the crystals and treasure, protected as has been seen in the stories. Many eons later TEDDY RUXPIN* was born, a throw-back to the more adventurous illiops*. This leads to the Adventures of TEDDY RUXPIN* stories.

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