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This page will from time to time have unconfirmed rumors posted to it. It will change SLOWLY, so don't bother looking in here too terribly often. As always these should be taken with a grain of salt, because rumors CAN'T be confirmed! Items about this specific site will have [NEWS] next to the date. Old inactive URLs will be retained for tracking reasons so if you hit something 404 compliant, that's the reason it's still here..


09.11.07 Nothing new currently. Teddy Ruxpin is continuing to be sold online and through retailers.

7.1.05 Preordering Teddy Ruxpin starts today!

3.21.05 Check out if you haven't lately.

2.1.05 Looks like is active again since Hasbro purchased it 1999. It's merely a redirect to

2.11.04 Tony Pope passes away.

12.12.03 Several new shirts have shown up on the market with TR on the front, the ones I've seen have AlchemyII 2003 on them so thay appear to be legit! Look for them at stores that sell tee shirts. Hopefully this means more products are on the way!

9.10.03 Quiet summer. Nothing new to report.

2.1.03 Quiet winter. Nothing new to report.

8.1.02 Quiet summer. Nothing new to report.

2.14.02 Quiet winter. Nothing new to report.

9.6.01 Quiet summer. Nothing new to report.

1.22.03 Quiet winter. Nothing new to report.

7.6.00 Quiet summer. Nothing new to report.

1.15.00 There is a repackaging of the original show into a movie format called the 'Teddy Ruxpin Movie'.

9.20.99 Hasbro has taken control of from the person who had last shown ownership, John McCann.

8.20.99 Accessing Yes!'s web site results in a host not found error. It also doesn't respond to ping. Looks like Yes! is off the web now.

8.1.99 In March 1999 Games Trader appointed Donald Kingsborough to it's board of directors.

7.10.99 Rumors are up and running on this year's Teddy Ruxpin. However, they are vague in the extreme. Supposedly he will be minus his tape player, possibly using flash memory cartridges.

7.1.99 AlchemyII has dropped Yes! as the distributor and manufacturer of Teddy Ruxpin. According to another fan's corespondence A-II is currently securing a new distibutor for Teddy Ruxpin AND they are also still trying to get the television series aired again.

2.11.9 Yes! has filed for Chapter 11. Additional venture capitol has been extended (A paltry 20 million) to keep them up and running for the short term.

1.1.99 The rumors of the return of the show the Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin continue. This is been boosted by resent calls to Yes! Entertainment that both confirm and draw doubt on the status. Seems not every help desk worker at Yes! has information on the show. This means it's entirely dependant on who you talk to as to whether the show is coming back or not.

12.1.98 Teddy Ruxpin makes Dr. Toy's 100 Best Toy Products for 1998!

10.11.98 [NEWS] The Teddy Ruxpin FAQ's transition to Mindspring is now complete. Since the initial thought to move in July I'd been looking for a dead reliable ISP with 24x7 service and UNIX (Instead of WinNT). Starting in October first I made the move and slowly tranistioned all files to here. I also redesigned the lead-in page. Should you have any difficulties with viewing the site let me know. Please note that the old address is no longer valid. If you have links or bookmarks for the old site they will not work. :)

10.6.98 [NEWS] New Teddy Ruxpin pictures are here!! Little red button -Image- -Link- Little red button -Image- -Link- Many thanks to Jill Simpson for providing these to me! Visit her web site while you're at it. Little red button -Image- -Link- Jill has confirmed to me that the new version is not compatable with the original tape format. Old tapes will not work in it and new tapes will not work in the original full size versions.

9.18.98 New indications that the animated show WILL be coming back!. This also means that Teddy Ruxpin should be expected soon in stores. Another URL for Sears is Little red button -Image- -Link-

9.03.98 Mark C. Shepherd, Chief Executive Officer of Yes! Entertainment says ."Late in the third quarter we will begin shipping The New World of Teddy Ruxpin."

8.20.98 Lynne S. of Alchemy II was kind enough to return my email inquiring about the TV show. She provided contact info for Yes! <"That number is (800) 222-9376, or if you are already in Northern California you may call (925) 463-5550.">

8.19.98 I continue to get rumors on a weekly basis on just what the Teddy III entails. he will be smaller and amazingly without his Tunic?! Hopefully this rumor is false.

8.02.98 New / Old (Re-release) video tapes also to be sold when Teddy Ruxpin is reintroduced! These tapes may have new data on them to help the new Teddy Ruxpin interact with the tape.Episode Number and Title:

    #1- 'The Treasure of Grundo'
    #3- 'Guests of the Grunges'
    #5- 'Escape from the Treacherous Mountains'
    #6- 'Take a Good Look'
    #7- 'Grubby's Romance'
    #13- 'Tweeg Gets the Tweezles'
    #NA- Come Dream with Me Tonight (Live action and animation tape)

6.15.98 Yes! Entertainment announces that Teddy Ruxpin is teaming up with 'Reading is Fundamental' (RIF).

5.08.98: Was informed of the URL for Yes! Here's a direct link to the Teddy Ruxpin page there.

4.04.98: Yet another rumor, but with a little more teeth to it this time. (URL no longer available) Looks like YES! Entertainment is going to be making a Teddy Ruxpin now. Check out the URL for more information. For those who don't know, YES! was started by the same person who started Worlds Of Wonder, Don Kingsborough.

3.15.98: I have heard once again that Teddy Ruxpin may be making a comeback. This came to me second hand from a good friend who had been emailed by a former Worlds Of Wonder writer. The whispers indicate that it MIGHT be an Actimate! I however personally doubt Microsoft is making a Teddy Ruxpin. (Read on to see that my opinion was borne out)

1.98: Heard another uncomfirmed rumor from a friend in CA. He'd been told by another collector that there would be a new TR at the Toy Expo this year. When my friend pressed the collector for more firm facts, she had none.

4.00.97: Doing a search of whois records on InterNIC I located there is a domain registered called It is not active however.

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