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Tapes and books
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The original style of tape used in Teddy Ruxpin*. -Image-
Tapes come in two styles.

This cassette style tape was used in the original two and three servo Teddy Ruxpin's. The later Yes! version will look similar.
    Teddy Ruxpin requires that you use a genuine Teddy Ruxpin cassette tape (N/A to cartridge style) to work properly. Using an ordinary audio tape will not activate the animation correctly, if at all.

A cartridge was used in the later style of Teddy Ruxpin*. -Image-
This cartridge style tape (similar internally to a 70's '8-Track') was used in the late Worlds of Wonder/ Playskool Teddy Ruxpin's*
    As you might imagine, the cartridge style had a small problem compared to the more standard and less internally complicated cassette. End-less loop tapes can't be repaired if they get pulled out by a child, once they've had that done they're a lost cause.

Hardcover book for Teddy Ruxpin*. -Image-
Books came in two styles.

This is one of the hardcover books, sold with three and two servo Teddys. They were very well made and rather hard to destroy.
SOftcover book for Teddy Ruxpin*. -Image-
When the smaller Teddy came out they switched to a slightly smaller lightweight softcover book (Note the change in the logo). I've not seen one of these after hard use, but I'd wager they stand up less well.
Give away book for Teddy Ruxpin*. -Image-
This is the give-away book that
was in Quaker Oatmeal.

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