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    The newest version of Teddy Ruxpin is produced by Backpack Toys: This product currently in production.

    This version will ONLY play the memory cartridges that were marketed with it. He will NOT play any tapes.

    The prior version of Teddy Ruxpin was produced by Yes! Entertainment: This product was produced only for a very short period.

    This version will ONLY play tapes that were marketed with it. He will NOT play tapes from the Worlds Of Wonder version.

    Video interactive hookup was available for the Yes! version but it can be a little vexing to locate one. This included a base that connected to the TV/VCR and specially encoded VHS videotapes. Also a computer hookup was planned, so far though it seems that never came to pass.

    There is no inter-compatibility between ANY of the 4 versions of Teddy Ruxpin to date.

    Costumes and add-ons such as the Answer Box or Grubby only work with the orginal Worlds of Wonder Teddy Ruxpin.

    I would suspect that when costumes come out for the Backpack Toys version that the clothes should work the Playskool/Worlds Of Wonder and Yes! version.

    To learn more, please try the link below.

Identify what version of Teddy Ruxpin you have.
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    In short:

    Version 4: The Backpack Toys version only plays Backpack Toys memory cartridges.

    Version 3: The Yes! version only plays Yes! tapes.

    Version 2: The Playskool/Worlds Of Wonder version only plays Playskool/World Of Wonder cartidges.

    Version 1: The Worlds Of Wonder version only plays Worlds Of Wonder tapes.

    Use the above link to identify which version you have.

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