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This is a picture showing the size comparison between the Original Teddy Ruxpin's and the late WOW/Playskool version. -Image-
This is an comparison between the original full size Teddy Ruxpin's* and the last type 'designed' late in Worlds Of Wonders' life span. The small version was taken up by PlaySkool and sold for a few more years.
Here are all current versions courtesy of Jill Simpson. The Yes! Teddy Ruxpin is in the center. Note the change in costume. His Tunic has been replaced with a red shirt. The WOW/Playskool version is on the right and the original full size WOW Teddy Ruxpin is on the left. I have yet to personally see the new Backpack Toy's version, but I'm going to venture a guess it's similar in size to the Yes! version.
Teddy Ruxpin* with a soft rubber nose. -Image-
First off, look your bear over and take a good look at his nose. The large versions can either have a rubber nose, or a hard plastic one. It's easy to tell, just lightly squeeze his nose. CAREFUL, he might sneeze. <g>  This full size Teddy Ruxpin has a rubber nose
Teddy Ruxpin* with a hard plastic nose. -Image-
This one has a plastic nose.
Plastic noses seem to have come later, and are generally found on 2 servo Teddy Ruxpin.


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