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Through all the variations of Teddy Ruxpin there has been 1, 2 or even 3 servos inside. On the full size Teddy's you can either have 3 or 2 motors inside. The upper jaw is the way you tell.
Lightly lift upwards on the upper jaw. If it is firm with moderate resistance and stays in the up position when you let go, then you have a 3 servo. This means that one motor runs the upper, and another runs the lower.
However of you lift up on the upper jaw and it moves easily and springs back to it's closed position, you have a 2 servo Teddy Ruxpin. This means that one motor runs both.
The smaller Teddy Ruxpin's made after WOW's bankruptcy have a single motor, it controls the mouth and the eyes all in one. This includes the latest Teddy Ruxpin made by Backpack Toys.

Side view of a 3 servo mechaism. -Image-
A three servo mechanism.
It has one motor for each animated part. Lower jaw, upper jaw and eyes. Later versions omited the middle servo and drove both jaws with the bottom most motor.
Closer up, side view of a 3 servo mechanism. -Image-
Closeup of the roller system used in a Teddy Ruxpin.
Close up of a '3 servo' motor and gearbox, both sides. -Image-
Closeup on a motor and gearbox.The wires at the very base of the shot are for informing the electronics of the motor position.
Close up of the potentiometre. -Image-
Here is a close-up of the 3 wires and the potentiometer they hook up to. The small shaft you see is directly connected to the output wheel. That way the electronics can sense what the approximate position the wheel is in, and thus the approximate eye or mouth position.
Close up of the gearbox. -Image-
This is the multiple gear reduction gearbox for the servo motor. The motor drives the gearbox through a small belt. Amazingly enough, this belt doesn't seem to be a trouble point. And that in fact it's the motor itself that usually is the main problem should anything go wrong.
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