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If you have the full size Teddy Ruxpin lift the tape bay door and look at the mechanism. There are two different types. One has a stamped metal back, and another has a molded plastic back. Look at the battery door, early Teddy Ruxpin's had doors that were not attached to the bear. Later models had the door hinged, thus eliminating a problem with children loosing it. The battery hatch itself varies between the original and small size Teddy Ruxpin. The full size Teddy Ruxpin's take C-cells, the small Teddy Ruxpin's take AA-cells.
They also take different tapes. The originals use the traditional 'Compact Cassette', while the MK II Teddy Ruxpin's use continuous loop cartridges similar to the old 8-track tape. Tapes for the MK III Teddy Ruxpin are the traditional cassette but have different animation data. The fourth version by Backpack Toys uses memory cartidges and eliminates tape.

Metal back, non-hinged Teddy Ruxpin.  -Image-
This one has a pressed aluminum cover over the tape mechanism.Notice on the battery door there is no hinge along it's upper edge. These are generally found (but not always) on 3 servo Teddy Ruxpin's.
Plastic back, hinged Teddy Ruxpin.  -Image-
Here we have the later plastic tape mechanism, note the colour and 'PLAY' sticker.
Look at the battery door at it's upper two corners, there are two small hinges.This combination can be found on both 3 and 2 servo Teddy Ruxpin's.
On a side note: The two botton edges of the brown plastic back seen here are a comon place to see cracks
Image of the tape hatch on the late WOW/Playskool Teddy Ruxpin. -Image-
Here we have the tape hatch for the late WOW/Playskool® version. Normal cassettes will not fit in this style. This player needs the cartridge Click here to see a picture of the cartridge style tape. -Image- type tape.
Image of the back showing the start button, battery hatch and tape hatch on the late WOW/Playskool Teddy Ruxpin. -Image-
Here we have the back of a PlaySkool® version showing the start button, battery door, and tape hatch. Note that there is NO place to connect Grubby to the small Teddy Ruxpin, and as thus, no way to connect 'Picture Show' or 'Answer Box'. The 'Yes' version returned to the original tape style adapted in the same space as this player.
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