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Late in Worlds Of Wonder's life span Teddy Ruxpin got a complete redesign. He was made smaller and lighter. His arms were made longer and the legs were made flat and floppy like a rag doll. He also contained new electronics running with a new animation mechanism. There is a single motor running both the eyes and mouth animation, which are actuated through a series of belts and pulleys. I have been told that the Yes! version used the same design. I do not know if the Backpack Toys version will use this system.
Image of the left side of skull. -Image-
This is the left half of the skull.
Note the very light construction.
Closeup of the animation. -Image-
This is a closeup of the animation mechanism. The pulley shown without a belt is the one connected to the motor. The small lever you see rising from the bottom of the image is the actuator for the mouth. This is pushed by a small tab in the left side of the pulley. The right side of the same pulley has a similar tab which operates a lever for the eyes. This system allows only one item at a time to be animated. This means eye movement while he is talking (Or yawning) can't take place.
Image of the right side of skull. -Image-
On the right halfof the skull you can see the eyes and the motor.
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