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Late in Worlds Of Wonder's life span Teddy Ruxpin got a complete redesign. The tapes played in a continuos-loop cartridge, much like the old 8-track style and were piped to a speaker without a volume control. The circuit board is smaller and more compact and features actual connectors for the wires instead of the soldered ones found on some the older Teddy Ruxpins. Through an aluminum strip on the tape, the tape player can tell when to shut off. The strip makes a circuit between the head and a small insulated post that runs along the tape path.
Image of the innards of a late WOW/PlaySkool Teddy Ruxpin. -Image-
This is what is inside the late WOW/PlaySkool® versions of Teddy Ruxpin. Still good hearty normal size components, no surface mount items at all.
The all important tape deck. -Image-
This is the cartridge tape player. It is VITAL this be kept clean!
Left to right
Tape head, shutoff post, Capstan and
lever microswitch.



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