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Buyers Guide
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This guide has been assembled to help novice and more advanced collectors and fans make a good purchase of a Teddy Ruxpin.
It outlines in brief what you need to look for and how to look for it. Click the red Little red box you click on! -Image- boxes for pictures or links.


    First, if you have one available, always have a tape and batteries with you when you go to a collectors/antique market. A small pack that attaches to your belt is a good way to carry these items. The rationale for them is to test run the Teddy Ruxpin before you buy it. It's not uncommon for a seller not to have batteries inside Teddy Ruxpin. So beware of one you can't test by yourself.
     When inserting the batteries make certain to inspect the battery compartment. There shouldn't be any corrosion or white granular deposits inside. If you see this, it's likely to have been left with discharged batteries in it and they have leaked acid. Such damage will mean a very low price, perhaps no more than $3.00. Also make sure you have a battery cover. The early designs didn't have it hinged to Teddy Ruxpin's back.
     Next when you insert the tape, check the condition of the tape player cover. Kids will sometimes carry Teddy Ruxpin using it as if it were a handle, inspect the cover Click here to see what happens when Kids carry Teddy Ruxpin* in a less than loving manner.  -Image- -Link- for bends (A 'lightening' of the plastic) or for cracks. Also look for any white 'fogging / blushingClick here to see an image of the white film/fogging that occurs when Teddy Ruxpin gets glued with cheao adhesives. -Image- -Link- of the plastic. Sometimes Teddy Ruxpin gets repaired with Super Glue (Cynoacrylate) by the child's parent/s after he has been broken. The bottom edges (Right and left more corners) of the tape player housing tend to crack easily. I see this in about 50% of the Teddy Ruxpin's I look at. These edge cracks do not affect anything other than appearance.
     When you have the batteries and tape installed, gently turn the switch (thumb wheel) on his back, note how well it works. It should not feel loose and should operate fairly smoothly. The audio should be easily controlled using the thumbwheel. Sudden jumps or changes in the sound level indicate a possible problem. Slight static while moving the thumb wheel however isn't unusual for a toy that's 10 plus years old.
     When you have him up and running watch his mouth and eyes. Both his upper and lower jaw (Yes, I know that's a major flaw, since I'm not aware of any mammal that has a moving upper jaw :D ), and his eyes will move. Check out these pages to learn more about the mechanical animation Click here to go to my pages detailing in innards of the Animation system and other items.  -Image- -Link-. If one or more of his animated features don't operate then either there is an electronic/electical problem, which is somewhat rare. Or it's a mechanical problem, which is much more common. These items should also operate fairly smoothly. While the motors are pulsed to make fine movements, there is such a large gear reduction that this should not be noticable. Large mechanical shuttering (Different than an eye flutter) or visable cracks on the surface of the eyes bode for possible physical damage internally.
    The diminutive motors and gearbox assemblies are lubricated with grease. This grease given time tends to migrate to the brushes and commutator, cutting off electrical contact and the stopping the motor. Working the eyes or muzzle carefully back and fourth sometimes may move the commutator enough for it to make contact again. Other problems are a loose jaw caused by a break in the jaw pin support, this causes the jaw to not animate properly. (Or the rare blunt force trauma which cracks the internal frame that contains the animation mechanism). Repairing Surgen Nancy's, 'Repairs for Teddy Ruxpin*'. -Image- -Link- this isn't a job for a novice, so if the Teddy Ruxpin you're thinking of buying exhibits these symptoms I'd suggest you keep looking elsewhere.
    Now lets examine the rest of him. Looking for wear is easy on any teddy bear, and Teddy Ruxpin* is no exception. The ear tips Click here to see a close-up of how the plush fur wears along the edge of the ears.  -Image- -Link- and muzzle seem to take the brunt of the wear and tear, and they get both dirty and worn. The ear tips typically wear down to the fur backing, while the muzzle looses its light creme colour. Cleaning Click here to go to my Care and Maintanance page.  -Image- -Link- is fairly easy, but you rarely end up with like new fur. Also give his fur a good sniff. (Careful he may be dusty!) Remember, any cigarette smell means once you get him home he may smell up the room you put him in. It takes ages for that smell to go away and if it's very strong, it may never go away.
    Examine how well limbs and neck are attached. The neck in particular shouldn't flop every which way. It should seem attached by more than just the material and plush.
    Identifying when the doll was made is tougher. Despite what you may think, the date molded into the plastic back is not when he was made. Every Teddy Ruxpin will have something like,

This is an image showing the small tab on the back of a Teddy Ruxpin. -Image- 

    Inside the battery compartment you can sometimes find a tag that will have a numerical date such as my oldest Teddy Ruxpin:

    I assume this is read 50th day of 1986.

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    Putting a value on a Teddy Ruxpin is tricky at best. Worlds Of Wonder sold millions of them (The original full size versions) which means there still are a lot of them out there. They were also fairly well built, which means many of them still are working, and the ones that are not functioning can actually be repaired. The variation in values is based on my personal experience and others. This is strictly for comparison use and is in not in any way a guarantee that you will get or find these same prices. The high and low variation represent prices that either I (Or others) have personally seen. In general the higher end is the more unusual value to see.

    Mint condition, in box, all full size variations. $40 up to $100
    Mint condition, in box, not working, all full size variations. $25
    Played with condition, all full size variations. $25 up to $50
    Poor condition, all full size variations. $5
    Poor condition, not working, missing tunic, all full size variations. ¢75
    Poor condition, physically broken jaw or equiv., etc., missing tunic, missing battery cover, all full size variations. ¢5-¢75
    (Others have typically seen these in the $1 - $5 range)

    Santa costume. Depending on, in box, box condition and the tape and book set $25 - $50

    Tuxedo costume. Depending on, in box, box condition and the tape and book set $25 - $50

    Other costumes, tape and book sets somewhat less.

    Individual hardcover books. $2 to $5 depending on condition.

    Individual tapes. $1 to $5 depending on title.
    (Lullabies tapes 1 and 2, and TR sings love songs are on the high end.)


    Grubby in mint condition, in box. with CABLE $30 up to $50
    Grubby in mint condition, in box. without CABLE $10 up to $25
    Grubby in poor condition, physically broken jaw or equiv., missing battery cover, etc. ¢5 - ¢75
    (Others have typically seen these in the $5 range)
    What exactly is a rare item? Well, when it comes to artwork something that exists in less than 300 copies. For mass production though it's often much higher. With Teddy Ruxpin the raraity will only happen with time since there were millions of them made. What is a antique? Something that is 20 years old or more. What has been traditionally been needed for an item to be considered a collectable? Age + Rarity. Additionally if the manufacturer is no longer in business. In the case of Teddy Ruxpin only two items of those three is currently met.
Teddy Ruxpin

Manufacturer Gone
(Worlds Of Wonder)
What are the less common, harder to find or truely rare items for Teddy Ruxpin?

Baby Teddy Ruxpin
W.O.W. Teddy Ruxpin
The Airship model
Less common
Taped recordings of JUST the music without animation data.
Intended for listening in a normal stereo tape player.
Hard to find.
Hand-bult prototypes of Gimmick, Amber, Princess Aruzia,
Prince Arin, Wooly and Tweeg. (Unknown number exist)
One of the 60 hand-built prototypes from early 1985

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