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Sellers Guide
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This guide has been assembled to help novice and more advanced sellers and fans make a good sale of a Teddy Ruxpin animated talking bear.
It outlines in brief what you need to do and how to do it. Click the red Little red box you click on! -Image- boxes for pictures or links.

     Sellers, if you're selling at a weekend market or the like, make sure you have batteries available along with a tape, this may aid you in a sale (I never buy one that I can't test). It inspires better buyer confidence in your goods because your potential buyer can check out Teddy's operation before purchase.
     When putting up an ad or auction selling a TR make certain you've gone through my pages on how to ID Click here to find more information of Teddy Ruxpin. -Image- what version Teddy Ruxpin you have. This will ensure that you're providing information that us useful to the people who want to buy. This in turn will improve your chances of a good sale where everyone walks away happy!
     Items of interest to buyers will be:
    Manufacturer --Worlds Of Wonder, Playskool, Yes! Entertainment or Backpack Toys  IMPORTANT!
    Functioning or non-functioning animatronics.
    Number of animation servos. --1, 2 or 3.
    Media type. --stamped aluminum/plastic back tape deck (WOW only) tape cartridge or memory cartridge.
    Nose type. --hard plastic or soft rubber. (WOW only)
    Plush fur condition. --Dirt, stains, snuggle worn.
    Smoking or non-smoking house.
    Hinged or non-hinged BATTERY cover --Non-hinged missing? (WOW only)
    With original Tunic (his tan vest) or missing. (WOW only)
Here is an example of how your ad should read. Your version of course may be different:

Original full size Teddy Ruxpin in box. 3 servo version. Plastic back tape deck with hinged battery door and plastic nose. Teddy is in very good but played with condition, slight wear in the muzzle and ear tips. Still has tunic and full instructions. All animation (eyes, mouth) works. Non-smoking house. Includes the default tape and book, 'The Airship'

Here's another example eBay example

Stage showing photograpy. .-Image- -link-
eBay or other on-line auctions
A good picture is a must for making your wares look good!
A white stage that is lit from two directions (preferably 3) will do a great job.The hooks should be set up so that TR covers them up as he placed on them. This works great when you want to photograph him standing. Remember, a 'full-on' shot won't look as good as a '3/4' shot. The way you see the stage to the left is about the right angle. Look at other pictures I have on this site for more ideas.



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     Putting a value of a Teddy Ruxpin is a tricky at best. Worlds Of Wonder sold millions of them which means there still are a lot of them out there. They were also fairly well built, which means many of them still are working, and the ones that are not functioning can actually be repaired. The variation in values is based on my personal experience and others. This is strictly for comparison use and is in not in any way a guarantee that you will get or find these same prices. The high and low variation represent prices that either I or others have personally seen. In general the higher end is the more unusual value to see.

    Mint condition, in box, all full size variations. $50 up to $120
    Mint condition, in box, not working, all full size variations. $25
    Played with condition, all full size variations. $25 up to $50
    Poor condition, all full size variations. $5
    Poor condition, not working, missing tunic, all full size variations. ¢75
    Poor condition, physically broken jaw or equiv., etc., missing tunic, missing battery cover, all full size variations. ¢5-¢75
    (Others have typically seen these in the $1 - $5 range)

    Santa costume. Depending on 'in box', 'box condition' with the tape and book set $25 - $50

    Tuxedo costume. Depending on 'in box', 'box condition' with the tape and book set $25 - $50

    Other costume, tape and book sets somewhat less.

    Individual hardcover books. $2 to $5 depending on condition.

    Individual tapes. $1 to $10 depending on title.
    (Lullabies tapes 1 and 2, and 'TR Sings Love Songs' are on the high end.)


    Grubby in mint condition, in box. with CABLE $30 up to $50
    Grubby in mint condition, in box. without CABLE $10 up to $25
    Grubby in poor condition, physically broken jaw or equiv., missing battery cover, etc. ¢5 - ¢75
    (Others have typically seen these in the $5 range)

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