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Species of Grundo, Octagonia, Rillonia and Ying
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Somewhat intelligent. Roundish with two legs, no arms, a small horn on the top of the head and often a ring of short to long hair around the horn. Tail is wide at the base and tapers quickly to a narrow tip. Bounders usually use their huge mouths to grab things in lew of hands. Biped. Average weight: 60lbs. They are very short and low to the ground. Skin tone is reddish in colour.


Intelligent. Biped. Average weight: 1lb or less. They are similar size to the Woodsprites. Skin tone is colour.


Intelligent. Small, rabbit size furry creatures. Two legs, no arms, stubby antennae and a beak for a mouth. A long prehensile tail and a high pitched voice. Biped. Average weight: 6lbs. Skin tone is unknown since they are furred. Fur color is naturally white, but is colored by the water they drink from rainbow falls.


Somewhat intelligent. Similar in many respects to humans. Ears on the top of the head instead of the side. Great explorers, have been all over Grundo. Settled in Woodly Bog and got warts from some of the slimier inhabitants. Biped. Average weight: 180lbs. Very round flat noses. Basically amicable with a stocky build. Skin tone is a variable shade of green.


Somewhat intelligent. Like creeping vines these creatures are impossible to stop and imposible to remove. Unpleasant and often ruthless these short, smelly creatures are roundly feared even by some in M.A.V.O. They are strict conformists and wear exactly the same armour with no personal accents whatsoever. The only exception to this is the Gutang's M.A.V.O. Ambassador who wears a blue sash in addition to his armour.


Very intelligent. Unique species of bear. Other than the bear-like characteristics they have many human attributes. Skin tone is unknown since they are furred. Fur colour varies from light to dark brown. Usually they will have a tuft of fur on top of their head between their ears. Colour variations in muzzle, top hair and the inside of the ears occur from individual to individual, ranging blonde to black. Biped. Average weight: 140lbs. (Side notes: Illipers evolved from Illiops. Built the Ancient Hard-To-Find-City, but abandoned it and fled to Rillonia when the Gutangs invaded.)


Very intelligent. Very similar to the good old human being we all know. Main differences is a more stout build and smooth, flat, rounded noses. Biped. Average weight: 160lbs. Skin tone is pale. Related to illiops in ancient times.


Not very intelligent. Muddy, hulking, subterranean dwelling creatures.Biped. Average weight: 250lbs. Highly territorial and ultra-sensitive to light. Skin tone is unknown since they are covered in mud.


Fairly intelligent. Small-ish, 'miniature dog' sized creatures capable of 'morphing' into whatever shape is needed. Biped. Average weight: 10lbs. Skin tone is unknown since they are furred. Fur colors are whatever they wish.


Intelligent. Long 'caterpillar-like' (But NOT a bug!) with 8 legs, the front two of which are interchangeable as arms and hands. 6 of his feet are usually on the ground, while he is otherwise upright from his two legs and head. Octopedes are natives of Octagonia, an 8-sided island far off the coast of Rillonia. Average weight: 200lbs Skin tone is light yellow.


Very intelligent. Very similar to the good old human being we all know. Skin tone is pale. Biped. Average weight: 180lbs


Intelligent. Equivalent to a 'Yeti' in many respects. They commonly live in the far north, and are naturally white. Average weight: 600lbs. Biped. Skin tone is unknown since they are furred. Fur is naturally white, but just like pink flamingos their diet can influence their colour.


Somewhat intelligent. Generally unfriendly and unpleasant. Culturally they all seem to be 'On The Make'. Ears on the top of the head instead of the side. Biped. Average weight: 180lbs. Skin tone is a variety of green.


Fairly Intelligent. The have the apperance and size of a large rabbit with very long ears, save for a prehensile tail and a much blunter muzzle. Biped. Average weight: 10lbs. Unusual tendency as to vocalization: they rhyme words in normal conversation. Live in the Boggleberry trees in Boggly Woods. Distantly related to Fobs. Skin tone is unknown since they are furred. Fur colour varies, but they are usually a white/gray with spots.


Intelligent. Bipedal but also can fly very well. Average weight: less than 1lb. They are . Skin tone is white as are their antennas. Wing colour varies but is generally whitish.


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