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The Monsters And Villains Organization.
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    The chief thorn in Grundo's side.It is a loosely knit society of every evil, villainous, malicious, mean-spirited, malcontented and opportunistic creature from Ying and parts of Grundo. It's main purpose is to spread evil in all it's forms throughout the land without regard as to the 'who, where and how' of doing it. Internally it's run 'iron fisted' by Quellor, an armored behemoth of a creature who towers over all but the tallest M.A.V.O. member. Paperwork is an entity all to it's own at M.A.V.O. The organization runs on it. Forms for forms for other forms is the rule of the day, 24 hours a day. Orders are often issued on paper. No matter how odd, stupid, strange or outlandish the order may be, it is obeyed without delay by each member with very few exceptions. The organization's 'offices' are a dark, dank, blue-black, foreboding rocky spired structure. All above and around the atmosphere boils with thunder and lightning, momentarily illuminating the cloudy, gloomy and dreary surroundings with it's electric blue glow.

The Seven Crystals
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Crystal #1

Can alter the physical size of an object.

Crystal #2
Can duplicate any object.

Crystal #3
Can render any object transparent.

Crystal #4
Can generate oyxgen.

Crystal #5
Can alter the physical time of the affected object.
(Items will either go fast or slow)

Crystal #6
Can levetate and fly when supplied with citric acid.

Crystal #7
Can store/record information and images.
(Quellor possesses this Crystal for use in his 'black
box'. This Crystal is also heavily cracked)


    When the crystals were rediscovered in the Hard to Find City they ascribed traits to whomever picked them up. Gimmick's crystal said 'Imagination'. Grubby's crystal said 'Honesty'. Prince Arin's crystal said 'Bravery'. Princess Aruzia's crystal said 'Trust'. Teddy's crystal said 'Friendship'. And the final one gave a more general solitary proclamation of 'Freedom'.

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