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Animation Credits
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    The list below was compiled from several sources. HiTops Video, LBS, Internet Movie database and my personal viewing and research. It is centric toward the television series. It is mostly complete, but it is missing some important people. If you have additional people to add, please email me by using the small red button at the bottom of the page.


Chris Schouten


Alison Clayton
M. H. Cloutier
Andy Heyward (DiC)
W. H. Stevens Jr.
Christopher J. Brough
Jean Chalopin

Associate Producers

  Dave Mepham 
Jack Spillum

Voice actors

Abby Hagyard
-- Princess Arusia
Anna McCormick
Doug Stratton
Donna Farron
Heather Edson
Holly Larocque
-- Leota
John Koensgen
John Stocker
Les Lye
Phil Baron
-- Teddy Ruxpin
Pier Kohl
Rick Jones
Robert Bockstael
Terrence Scammell
  Tony Pope -- L.B./Gimmick
Will Ryan
-- Grubby/Tweeg

Animation advisor (DiC)

Kazumi Fukushima

Background designers

Sophie Lapointe
Peter Moehrle

Character designs by

Richard Petsche
Victor Glasko

Ken Forsse

Creative supervisors

W.H. Stevens Jr.
Jean Chalopin

Concept design

David High

Design supervisor

Drew Edwards

Dialog editor

Helen Watson
Tony Kelleher

Foley / sound
effects editor

Pierre R. Labelle
Stephanie Duncan

Foley artist

Tamara Smith

Head of backgrounds

Gordon Coulthart

Key animation supervisors
Devanand Ramsaran
Marc Sevier

Key animators
Bob Jaques
Karen Munro-Caple
Brian Lemay
Kelly Armstrong
Chris Damboise
Lee Williams
Daniele Deblois
Liliane Andre
David Parks
Michael Shiell
Gerald Paquette
Nicholas Vallinakis
Glen Sylvester
Patrick McCourt
Greg Holfeld
Paula Irvine
Greg Upshaw
Phillipe Pellerin
Hana Kukal
Robert Waldren
Howy Parkins
Robert Shedlowich
Jeff Wilson
Susan Spriggs
Jill Halliday
Wayne Lee Pack
John Williamson

Layout co-ordinator
Brian Lemay, Lyndon Ruddy (episodes 19 - 64)
Tim Deacon (episodes 1 - 18)

Layout artists
Andre St. Amour
Pierre Jarry
Barbara Woodruff
Richard Allen
Blake James
Richard Forgues
Charles Botham
Richard Livingston
Dave Pemberton
Robert Walker
David Merritt
Scott Amey
  John Flagg Scott Bennett
Kevin Brownie
Steve Majaury
Lyndon Ruddy
Terry O'Reilley
Mark Komza
Tim Dillabough
Maryann Capling
Warren Huska
Meinert Hansen
Wayne Millett
Nora Brown
Peter Ferk

Music editors
Daniel Desbiens
Joe Fitzpatrick

Musical score
Andrew Huggett

Script co-ordinators
Bill Ruiz
Lori Crawford
Gail Chapple
Particia Hicks

Songs composed
and aranged by
George Wilkins

Story consultants
Phil Baron
Lenny Levitt

Story editors
Brian Jeffrey Street
Jack Mendelsohn
Doug Stratton

Storyboards supervisor
Richard Morrison

Arna Selznick
Jill Halliday
Cam Drysdale
Larry Cariou
Curtis Crawford
Robert Browning
Danny Craig
Sam Agro
David Feiss
Tom Nesbitt
Eric Fredrickson
Trish Stolte
James Hiltz
Jamie Oliff

Supervising editor
Rod Crawley

Talent co-ordinators
Chuck Rubin
Marsha Goodman

Alan Tempelton
Ken Ross
Brian Jeffrey Street
Mary Crawford
Carole Bruce Mendelsohn
Mary Mackay-Smith
Dan Lalande
Patrick A. Mccarthy
Derek Diorio
Stephen Mcloughlin
Doug Stratton

Voice direction
Chuck Rubin

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