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Female - Creature: Ladybug. Seen in 3 episodes. She is the local leader of the ladybugs and has a fair amount of ability to round up and direct the local insect population. This came into very good use when the Elf village caught fire and she rallied to bring aid to extinguish the flames.

Male - Creature: Gutang. The official voice of the Gutangs when matters of themselves and MAVO occur. He wears the identical armour to the rest of the Gutang minions with the single addition of a blue sash.

/Nickname of 'Old Beanly'
Male - Creature: illiper. The Kings messenger. Thin and wearing an official blue postal uniform he rarely remembers just where he's going or to whom he's delivering his messages. More often than not you'll find him dosing peacefully somewhere.

Female - Creature: Bounder. L.B's main squeeze. Buffy is a small, red and rotund sort of onion shaped creature with a wide tapering tail and long hair. Buffy by nature is unfriendly and inhospitable. She's very much in love with L.B. 

Burl Ruxpin
/Hermit of Leekee Lake
Male - Creature: illiop. Burl is Teddy Ruxpin's father. For many years he had wandered Ying alone and confused due to Quellor erasing his memory. Eventually he settles on an island in the center of Leekee Lake and is known as the hermit of Leekee Lake. Late in the series he is brought back to Rillonia with restored memory to be reunited with his wife, Illana. He wears rather shaggy robe-like accouterments along with wrapped feet. Burl's muzzle is slightly gray.

Captain Zelza
Female - Creature: Octopede. Captain of 

Cousin Larry
Male - Creature: Bounder. Convict at the Gundo Jail. Seen once during the series at L.B. and Buffy's wedding. Wears a black and white stripped hat and shirt.

Male - Creature: illiop. Teddy Ruxpin's good childhood friend. Blonde curly top-hair. Seen rarely.

Male - Creature: ?.

Male - Creature: ?

Elenore Tweeg
Female - Creature: Troll. Irascible and incorrigible, Elenore misses no chance to cut somebody down with a razor sharp quip or insult. No opportunity goes unused to degrade and demoralize. Hobbling along on her cane she makes it known she's not to be messed with. M.A.V.O. member. She also has a odd 'mutt' sort of creature named Sparky who is essentially like a pet dog, even though he hardly looks like one.

Female - Creature: illiop. Possible relative of Teddy Ruxpin. Curly top hair. Seen only in briefly in episodes 64 & 65.

Elroy Tweeg
Male - Creature: Grunge. The surfer father of Jack. Married Elenore for unknown reasons, found out what she was really like and escaped elsewhere to surf competitively. Very well chiseled for a Grunge. At one point during the series he is reunited with Tweeg and tries to train him to take 'his' place so that he can retire from surfing.

Female - Creature: Perloon. Highly intelligent, insightful and very knowledgeable about medicine. She serves as the royal physician for King Nogburt and his court. Somewhere in the past she has had some sort of relationship with Gimmick. And just as Gimmick, she also stutters and wears glasses along with a stereotypical white doctors smock. Dark brown hair.

Female - Creature: Fob. Mother of a set of stolen (By bounders) Fob eggs that Grubby was 'elected' to sit on to keep warm. Wears a shawl.

Male - Creature: Fob. Father of a set of stolen (By bounders) Fob eggs that Grubby was 'elected' to sit on to keep warm. Wears a pair of glasses.

Male - Creature: Fob. Gimmick's pet. Green fur.

Female - Creature: Grunge. One of the group of surf grunges seen several times during the progression of the show. Often seen playing drums/bongos. She has long hair that covers her whole head leaving only her long muzzle to stick out.

Male - Creature: Woggly. Grey spotted. Wears small glasses and uses a walking stick.

Male - Creature: Octopede. He is friendly and affable. A loyal friend but will occasionally fire off a 'quip' about some people's idiosyncrasies.

Ickley Bognostroklum
Male - Creature: Troll. The always unpleasant, irascible and rigid keeper of the gate for M.A.V.O. Constantly spouting orders and regulations, he's the perennial M.A.V.O. member who won't even use the bathroom without the right forms. Short and rotund he wears something like battle amour, but toned down for the more simple task of guarding the gate. He also carries in his right hand a long staff with an intricate carving at it's top. M.A.V.O. member.

Illana Ruxpin
Female - Creature: illiop Illana is Teddy Ruxpin's Mother. An aging, graying illiop. Kindly and maternal, she raised Teddy from a young child by herself after Burl Ruxpin's disappearance. She wears her gray hair in a top-knot and has a pair of large round glasses placed opon her graying muzzle. Through her efforts she maintained the homestead and managed to provide well for herself and Teddy.

Jack W. Tweeg

/Nickname of 'Tweeg'

Male - Creature: Crossbreed of Troll and Grunge. Tweeg is a bungling, rude and foolish creature who doesn't have a clue. For some reason he WANTS to be evil, but doesn't possess enough really bad bones in his green little body to do it. He is often the main source of trouble for Teddy, Grubby and Gimmick, and occasionally even for M.A.V.O. He wears a dark purple cloak which is large enough to wrap all the way around his body, giving him a sinister stereotypical bad-guy appearance. M.A.V.O. member.

Jana Lee
Female - Creature: Grunge. One of the group of surf grunges seen several times during the progression of the show. Steroetypical surfer 'chick' outfit complete with 'radical' shades.

Male - Creature: Grunge. One of the group of surf grunges seen several times during the progression of the show. Steroetypical surfer outfit complete with 'radical' shades.

Female - Creature: Grunge. One of the group of surf grunges seen several times during the progression of the show. Steroetypical surfer outfit

Female - Creature: Caterpillar. Sweet and attractive she is seen once during the series when Grubby along with Teddy and Gimmick are shrunk down in size by the reducing machine. Grubby immediately becomes infatuated with her. The romance is short lived however since Grubby and company eventually get restored to normal size.

Female - Creature: Woodsprite. Seen 3 times during the series Katie is a deaf woodsprite child. She teaches Teddy, Grubby and Gimmick sign language and later on is instrumental at getting emergency help when the miniature town that the elves and woodsprite live is engulfed in flames..

King Nogburt
Male - Creature: illiper. Current King of the illiper realm and Father of Princess Aruzia and Prince Arin. Rotund and a bit portly he wears a regal blue and gold robe complete with a large crown. In one episode he is almost fatally poisoned by a Jester who is as it later turns out is a disguised Gutang.

King Philbin
Male - Creature: illiper. King of the illiper realm in ancient times when the 'Great One's' (Illiops) came to their rescue and solved the problems associated with a long drought. Seen only in 'flashback'.


Female - Creature: Elf. Wife of Zed. Elderly and kind she's the 'good half' of the relationship. Only by her coaxing her reluctant husband Zed do they originally get to meet Teddy Ruxpin, who at the time was making a rather ill-thought-out cross-country trip in the dead of winter. Grey Hair

Mrs. Maggotheart
Female - Creature: Troll? Head of M.A.V.O. dues collection. To many she's a friendly, pleasant and absolutely delightful person. Othertimes she is a raging, shrieking unstopable terror to anyone who is late/overdue with their dues or behind on their 'checklist'. M.A.V.O. member.

Neuton Gimmick
Male - Creature: Perloon. Highly intelligent, insightful, inventive AND very absent minded. Yes, Gimmick fits the stereotypical mold quite well. Most all his inventions work, they just do things he had not intended. He wears round glasses, wears a overall/smock, mis-matched socks and has a ring of greying hair encircling his balding head. He's fairly jolly and only gets flustered when he's frustrated either by his inventions or Grubby. He also stutters.

Male - Creature: Bounder. Tweeg's main hench-critter. L.B. for 'Lead Bounder'. L.B. is a small, red and rotund sort of onion shaped creature with a wide tapering tail. L.B. by nature seems to be unfriendly and inhospitable. But down deep he has a heart that is rarely seen.

Female - Creature: Woodsprite. Very small and fairy-like, Leota is a somewhat aggressive creature with lots of smarts. She can be demanding and expects everyone to follow her instructions when she says them. She teaches in the Elves Village and instructs a class of Woodsprites and Elves in most anything you can imagine. Think of it as a one room schoolhouse which isn't a room at all, but a perch on a tree limb. She wears a frilly white or pink hoop-dress and has long blonde hair.

Male - Creature: Grunge. Efficient and everywhere, this intrepid cameraman/reporter catches the goings-on all across Grundo and Ying. With a tan trench-coat and a wide-rimmed hat he flies around in a leg cranked helicopter gathering anything and everything on film for the Wizard.

Princess Aruzia
Female - Creature: illiper. Daughter of the King and Queen. Refined but still very much a child, she is very sweet and playful. The first few episodes contain a quest to find her and free her from the Gutangs. She has long blonde hair. And wears a light purple floor length robe. Sister of Prince Arin.

Prince Arin
Male - Creature: illiper. Son of the King and Queen. Refined but still young, he's often bigger than his own shoes. Sometimes impulsive and impatient he must often be reigned in as his bravery sometimes gets the better of him. He has red hair capped by a helmet with a tuft of feathers. He is also fully outfitted with shiny armor complete with sword. Brother of Princess Aruzia.

Queen Lilliebet
Female - Creature: illiper. Current Queen of the illiper realm. Mother of Princess Aruzia and Prince Arin.

Male - Creature:? The 'Supreme Oppressor' (Leader) of M.A.V.O. Dark and brooding he is a huge creature that towers over anyone else at M.A.V.O. He is evil through and through and wields a powerful mind erasing weapon against anyone who he thinks deserves it. He is very short on charm and patience and wholly intolerant of any insubordination. He wears a stud covered robe that covers him fully from his clawed toes to his neck. On his head he wears a kind of helmet that obscures his face from view. M.A.V.O. leader. Quellor also possesses the cracked 7th Crystal.

One More
Creature: Nothing/Anything.

Male - Creature:? M.A.V.O. member

Male - Creature:? M.A.V.O. member

Male - Creature:Perloon. The sorcerer is the brother of the Wizard of Grundo. The two of them are very much alike although the Sorcerer is perhaps a little more ruthless is achieving his stature than the Wizard is. Bearded as his brother but with long hair he is the chief proprietor of the Ying Zoo, a terrible place that is much more an 'ill-gotten menagerie' than an actual zoo.

Teddy Ruxpin
Male - Creature: illiop. Teddy Ruxpin is the lead character of the series. He is a kind, gentle bear-like creature. Soft spoken and very patient. He will only occasionally get cross, and only where it is appropriate. He wears a light tan tunic over a red shirt and red shorts. His fur is a light brown except for his muzzle, which is a similar tan to his tunic. Teddy possesses the first 6 Crystals.

Creature: Nothing/Anything.

The Other
Creature: Nothing/Anything.

Creature: Nothing/Anything.

Male - Creature:? M.A.V.O. member

Understander, The
Female - Creature: Not known. The Understander of Legends as she is called has the sole purpose of deciphering all the ancient hieroglyphics and texts which either foretell or enlighten what is now called 'M.A.V.O.' She speaks with a gravelly, distonal voice and carries a walking stick to support her fragile humped-over frame. M.A.V.O. member

Male - Creature: Woggly. Red/brown spotted.

Wizard, The
Male - Creature: Perloon. A contemptuous person, the Wizard is the perennial con artist. Using slight of hand and deception he creates 'magic' which more often than not is nothing more than cunning use of ordinary devices. Though his Magic Eye, (A rear projection screen) and a foot operated, circular 'Wee Gee' board he 'fortells' to whomever places a few coins in his hand.

Male - Creature: Snowzo. A huge hulking purple furred creature. Sort of the 'Yeti' of Grundo you might say. Sweet and helpful he's kind to a fault. He's also very loyal and will protect his friends from anything he perceives as a threat with his large mass and occasional intimidation. Light purple fur.

Female - Creature: Octopede. Captain Zelza's daughter and the object (Crush) of Grubby's eyes.


Male - Creature: Elf. Irascible husband of Maple.

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